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Happy New Years!!!

Posted by Kelly Tucker on

As we ring in the New Year, it is always the time everyone reflects on the year that has passed and what we would like to change or do differently. While you are reflecting on the past, don't focus on the bad and what needs to be changed. Focus on the good, and how you have overcame obstacles in your life.

Are you pro or con resolutions? If you are pro, let me hear from you. What are your resolutions?

While this year, I am not going to be big on "resolutions", I am going to be more intentional in my everyday living. I want to focus on what can be done and not what should be changed about my life.

As I reflect on the past year, this past month has been so hard for so many friends. It is a good reminder to live every moment because life is short. Make sure the ones in your life know that they are special and loved.

May this year be kind and generous to us all!

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